UPDF – The Best PDF Annotator for Your Needs

Editing or annotating a PDF file can be complex and highly time-consuming. This is one primary reason PDF annotator software gained massive hype. This software makes it much easier for students to review PDF files and for teachers to mark PDF assignments.

A PDF annotator also help the corporate workforce highlight important issues and discuss them more thoroughly with their employees and colleagues. If you are someone who recently heard about UPDF as the best PDF annotator, we are sure you must have some questions. This guide covers all of it for you, so make sure to read till the end.

What is a PDF Annotator?

We all know that marking a PDF document or changing it was nearly impossible in the past. However, this job has become easier with the development of PDF annotators and editors.

A is a tool that allows users to add highlights, comments, stickers, and stamps into a PDF document directly. Moreover, they also let users insert any shape of their choice and easily embed signatures on a PDF file. All this, when edited through a PDF annotator, can also be shared between multiple parties directly through the service in just a few simple clicks.

How Does the PDF Annotator Work?

PDF annotator is a standalone tool for all your PDF purposes. This tool makes it easy for users to add notes, comments, annotations, and drawings to any PDF document. All you need to do is launch your PDF annotator and open your desired PDF file. Now, navigate to the section featuring annotation tools and use them the way you want, sharing your thoughts or requesting revisions. Once done, you can save and share your annotated file version.

The Best PDF Annotator – UPDF

While there are multiple PDF annotator tools in the market, not every tool delivers all the features that it promises. Hence, choosing a PDF annotator that lives up to its commitment and provides users with a high-quality return is essential. One such tool, which checks all such boxes, is UPDF. This particular PDF annotator is undoubtedly one of the best in business.

With its user-friendly interface and easy navigation, this tool is specifically made for the ease of its users. The software supports adding highlights, underline, and strikethrough on PDF for annotation. However, this is not where it limits itself. The tool offers users a bunch of 13 exceptional annotation features. We have a list concluded of them for you below.

The Best UPDF Annotation Tools

Here are some of the best tools offered by UPDF annotator:

1. Add Comments

UPDF allows users to add comments on each paragraph or line throughout the document. These comments help employees take notes of what is essential or any changes that need to be made. Moreover, this can be an excellent way for students to keep their lectures and notes in one place.

The add comment option lets users add four different types of comments: text comment, text box, text call out, and sticky notes. So, whichever is your preference, users can pick that particular feature for themselves while working.

2. Text Markups

The comment option on the main toolbar will take users to a markup option. This tool offers users four distinctive annotating features, each of which carries out a different purpose:

  • Highlight – Through this feature, users can select and highlight any text or paragraph using their preferred color.
  • Underline – Users can underline their texts and essential lines, which they need to focus on using this tool.
  • Strikethrough – This feature lets users strike lines that should be canceled from a PDF. The strikethrough is handy for teachers and supervisors who must check through multiple PDF documents of employees and students.
  • Squiggly Line – The squiggly line feature adds a cursive line under a text or sentence.

3. Add Stamps or Stickers

UPDF allows users to add stamps and stickers to their PDF documents easily. The service offers users around 100+ stamps and stickers to choose from to make their PDF documents look more creative.

4. Drawing/ Add Shapes

Another great UPDF annotating feature is the . Through this tool, users can add shapes and control the shape’s properties by changing their style, opacity, thickness, and color. This draw PDF features multiple tools like pencils, shapes, erasers, etc.

5. Comment Properties

Users can also change the properties on a PDF by right-clicking an annotation and changing their properties. UPDF also enables changing the color of the annotation and its border and filling it with the font attributes and style.

6. Delete Annotation

Sometimes, users mistakenly annotate a particular paragraph and page and want to undo it. UPDF understands this and hence offers a separate delete annotation tool. To access this tool, select the annotation you want to delete, right-click it, and tap on clear. The annotation will then be deleted.


Reading about all its features and descriptions, we hope you have understood that UPDF is undeniably the best PDF annotator in the market. If you agree with this and now want to avail yourself of all of its annotating features for study or work purposes, then you must want to purchase its license. If that is the case, we urge you to do it right now as the service offers a flat for UPDF Pro for all its new users.