A Guide for Selection of A Smart Lock is equipped

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There is an opinion among specialists in locking devices that a simple lock is installed from honest people – a burglar can open it even without special tools. The smart lock is equipped with electronic filling, but it, along with numerous advantages, has some disadvantages.

Operating principle

Electromagnetic locks are built on the principle of connecting a microprocessor control system directly connected to a locking device controlled by an electromagnet. Among devices of this type there are several common varieties – crossbar, stealth locks, electromotor, electromechanical locks and electric latches:

  1. The electromagnetic lock includes a control system, an electromagnet itself, in the form of a plate, and a metal used as a counterpart. You can control them with a code set, remote control, contact keys – it all depends on the control system that is involved in a particular form.
  2. The electric crossbar resembles a mechanical one, built on the same principle, but instead of a key, it uses a control system that can be variable. The difference is which one is chosen for contact with the electric drive that controls the bolt. More advanced systems can open and close, including automatic closing if the door is left open. The main disadvantage of such a lock is that if there is no power supply, it will not open.
  3. A stealth lock is a common name for a deadbolt, latch, or invisible device built into a mechanical device designed to make it difficult for an intruder to break. Reliability of application is ensured by their invisibility: such an electronic device can be installed independently at any place in the door or serve as an addition to the main locking mechanism.
  4. Electric motor locks are powered by a small electric motor, but the control units in them can read information from key fobs and keypads in the same way. You can turn an ordinary mechanical one into it, according to the craftsmen, quite simply and without spending a lot of time.

Overhead and mortise smart electronic locks

Like conventional mechanical locks, smart electronic locks differ in the installation method, but they are only mortise and overhead. The mortise is inserted into the end of the door, while its mechanism is not visible to the prying eye and does not create additional visualization. The undoubted bonus of such a lock is the additional protection that the door leaf provides.

The arguments in favour of a mortise lock include its burglary resistance, but it also has disadvantages – for example, the difficulty for self-installation, the need to make a special recess in the door to accommodate the mechanism. An electromagnetic lock cannot be inserted into a metal door, but this can be done using an overlay device. It is equipped with a special housing and is simply attached from the inside with specially provided or selected fasteners.


The gradual introduction of electronic locks is easily explained by their undemocratic cost, the presence of advantages and disadvantages. This happens with any innovation – the gradual improvement by the manufacturer does not reduce the cost, but increases the cost of the device, while making it more functional and reliable. It is difficult to give advice, but having spent one time, you can ensure the safety of your home with the help of a functional and smart device.

An electronic smart lock, especially from a good manufacturer with a proven track record, is practically unbreakable. The biometric is considered the most reliable, the stealth lock is not detected from the outside, but it makes it difficult to crack a simple mechanical one. Any electronic lock saves the owner’s time, more advanced systems are controlled remotely, programmed for additional functions, record opening information and signal a break-in. Combined locks can interact with each other and prevent the next one in the chain from opening if the main one is not open. If the code is entered incorrectly, push-button locks can block the locking device and inform the owner about it.


So, while you are at it. To get the right one, understand your requirement and choose accordingly.

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