Professional Headshots in Houston: Making a Lasting First Impression

Are you a resident in Houston who is looking forward to professional headshots? If you do, you can make your own headshots with some simple guidelines. Creating headshots is not rocket science, you know. It only takes a little skill and practice.

If you don’t know how you can take professional headshots, don’t worry. I have you covered. With my simple tips, you will become a pro in headshot photography. So, let’s begin with the guidelines.

1. Use the Best Lens

Headshot photography is shot for professional purposes. So, the key purpose is the headshot is to look professional. And the best way to make any headshot professional is by using the best lens there is. That’s because the top-quality lens will make sure everything will be perfect, and the headshot will be stunning, no doubt about it.

2. Treat the Subject Well

In photography, the person or the object that you are taking a photo of is a subject. And to make a professional headshot, you need to make sure you treat your subject well. I mean to say you need to give your subject proper guidelines and instructions so that the right pose can be made. At the same time, to make your subject comfortable and relaxed, you need to talk to him/her like a friend.

3. Avoid Headshots at Midday

The lighting while the photoshoot plays a vital role. That’s because perfect lighting is responsible for the best headshots. And soft lighting is most suitable for headshots since that will make the photo youthful and stunning. On the other hand, midday on sunny days provides harsh lighting that is not suitable for headshots. That’s why photographers always avoid midday for clicking photos.

4. Warm Up Before Real Headshot

It’s a very effective practice for photographers, and almost all photographers prefer warm-up shots before the real ones. That’s because, during the first session, many mistakes can occur. For instance, the subject may not be ready, relaxed, or comfortable with you. At the same time, the lens may have some issues, or the background may not be perfect for the headshot. So, in the first session, you can warm up and find out about these issues and solve them.

5. Consider the Colors

Another key factor is the color of any headshot photography. Whether it’s just the background or the subject, the color has to be perfect and should go well. Otherwise, the headshots won’t be perfect or professional at all. At the same time, consider sticking with simple colors if you are going to use the headshots for professional purposes.

6. Focus on the Eyes

Headshots or other photographers should have depth. And the only way to make a photograph is to capture the emotions of the subject. And that’s why you need to focus on something. Now, what more displays emotions than the eyes? Your eyes show your true emotion. That’s why you should focus more on the eyes of the subject.


These guidelines will help you all to capture professional headshots. And if you don’t want to take risks and prefer to hire a professional headshot photographer, you should consider consulting with¬†shuttervalleyphotography.