Benefits of Incorporating Eau De Parfum in Your Self-care Routine!

Let’s be honest; striking a balance between the right blend of scents and a fresh, long-lasting fragrance can be difficult. While fragrance choices are very personal, some signature products have been around for decades and are much loved. What makes a fragrance a hit? Besides the right blend of oils, the product’s longevity can seal the deal. That’s where an Eau De Parfum scores higher than most other fragrances.

Eau De Parfum is not too strong, like a concentrated perfume, but it’s also less light than an Eau De Toilette. It touches that sweet spot in between. A high concentration of essential oils can keep you smelling fantastic for eight hours! It’s like having your personal scent companion throughout the day.

Eau De Toilette vs. Eau De Parfum: What’s the difference?

There is no need to read a long list of chemical formulas to understand the difference. It is all about the liquid’s depth, concentration, and overall feel of the fragrance. Specific numbers for ingredients may vary from one brand to the other. However, an Eau De Toilette is generally less concentrated than an Eau De Parfum. Most importantly, the latter is long-lasting and has richer notes regarding the scent. 

How to Use Eau De Parfum?

You can spray perfumed liquids with natural and safe substances on the skin. Eau De Parfums are made with a mix of natural oils that are safe and long-lasting on the skin. However, you should avoid spraying the product on light-colored and silk clothing, as some fragrant oils could leave a stain.  

If you wish to ensure the fragrance stays all day, spray your coat or jacket first. Then, use it on your skin. Do you need a better way to diffuse the product while wearing fragile clothes or jewelry? Well, create a spray cloud and walk into the same. You could also add a few drops of Eau de parfum to the water used for rinsing laundry. This can help enhance the longevity of the fragrance.

Key Ingredients in Eau De Parfum

Any perfumed liquid would come in contact with your skin. Thus, it is always better to choose sprays made from natural and safe materials. Here is a quick look at ingredients in sprays that are considered safe. 

  • Petitgrain oil 

You have probably used colognes at some point. Petitgrain oil is a vital ingredient behind those fresh fragrances. The substance is extracted from bitter orange tree leaves and twigs. Perfume lovers can often quickly recognize this oil by its sweet notes.

  • Cashmeran Musk

With Cashmeran Musk, getting those floral, amber, or woody notes would be easier. It is a lab-made molecule that perfectly replicates natural musk, and the element is used as a perfume enhancer and fragrance fixative. Research shows that Cashmeran Musk is safe for use. 

  • Rose Damascena

Rose Damascena, or rose absolute, is a concentrated oil retrieved after processing fresh petals of the damask rose. It is the substance behind the strong rose fragrance and tops the list of substances with natural perfumery.

  • Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine Absolute is derived from the Jasminum genus flower petals. The intensely fragrant oil is known for its floral notes and great potency. It easily blends with many florals. 

  • Peach

Peach Oil is extracted from the peach fruit peel and flesh. Perfumers appreciate it due to the light and delicate aroma. Perfumed liquids consisting of the same often evoke that sense of summer. Such scents are superb for everyday wear.

Accents your own signature fragrance

Every person’s skin releases oils and pheromones, odorous molecules secreted by our skin cells. Pheromones impart an individualistic fragrance to a person’s skin that is subtly different from those of others.

The oil released varies according to an individual’s environment, daily physical activity, and diet they consume. Air quality, humidity, and climate can also affect the scent. Applying Eau De Parfum blends with your pheromones and forms a personal fragrance for each skin. 

Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfum is known for enhancing your fragrance, giving you a unique scent. Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfum could be an ideal option for a unisex perfumed liquid that smells like ‘you.’ Also, it is among the few ‘Made Safe Certified’ perfumes available in the market.

Now, something for your skin, hair, and nails!

While fragrances help you feel fresh and confident throughout the day, a simple yet effective skincare and hair care routine can be the game-changer for your appearance. And what can be a better beauty elixir than castor oil?

Castor oil is an age-old ingredient used by ancient cultures in Egypt and India. Today, the product has gained popularity among Instagram influencers for its many benefits. The oil has earned a reputation as a magic ingredient for skin, nail, and hair issues. Let’s get a glimpse of the key benefits.

  • Moisturises and strengthens hair

Dermatologists and hair experts recommend products containing this oil. The ingredient nourishes the stressed hair follicles and can help get back that lost smoothness. Adding it to your hair care routine can help keep your scalp healthy.

  • Boosts brow and lash growth

Brush those eyebrows and lashes with this oil on a cotton bud to boost hair growth and strength. The oil contains a high percentage of fatty acid, which helps increase brow hair and lash growth.

  • Natural moisturizer

Have you noticed that many moisturizers contain? Dermatologists often recommend using moisturizer, castor oil, and combined nourishing cream.

  • Healthier nails

The best option to boost nail health and improve blood circulation around them is applying castor oil. Doctors recommend it to individuals with brittle nails.

We recommend trying out Mamaearth Castor Oil, which is a great choice as it is made with the goodness of natural ingredients. This oil is extracted using the cold press method, which helps preserve the fatty acids and nutrients in the oil, making it more effective. Try out this product and see your hair, skin, and nail health change in weeks!

Summing up

Self-care is a critical component of our well-being. Using safe and toxin-free skincare products free of harsh chemicals in our daily regimen is a great way to protect our skin. Mamaearth’s products are ‘Made Safe Certified’ and approved by the FDA. It also has the stamp of approval from PETA, as its products are not tested on animals.

As an environment-friendly brand, Mamaearth is plastic-positive and committed to recycling more plastic than it utilizes. Furthermore, the brand plants a tree for every product ordered from its website. Visit the Mamaearth website to learn more about its wide range of products!