Blast Paris Major 2023 Best Games

The Blast Paris Major is the biggest eSports event of 2023. This major was also special because it was the last official Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament. Next year, according to Gabe Newell, the Major will be based on Counter Strike 2, which will be released in the summer of 2023. How was Blast Paris Major let’s find out together with drbet casino!

How the Blast Paris Major 2023 went down

Cybersport tournaments are often not always unequivocal on the spectator side. This year, nothing has changed. Some fans of eSports call the Major tournament the best, while others, on the contrary, call it the worst.

The reasons for this division into two camps is enough. For some, the reason is the same: not a favorite team, for others the departure of the leaders. Surprisingly, many of the favorites of past seasons left in the first meeting. Also, the majors are scolded for trying to cue from the gym and more. The result is one and you can’t argue with it – Vitality came out the winner, battling GamerLegion in the finals. The prize pool was $1,250,000.

New talents in eSports

A great surprise for all was a few teams that have never been in the leading positions in tournaments. Namely, these teams are Apeks and Monte. The teams didn’t hold good positions before, usually staying in the 20th place.

Monte reached the quarterfinals, which is very cool for a team that appeared in the arena of cybersports that only in 2022. Pleasantly surprised the Apeks team that achieved even better results, reaching the semifinals. Apeks had a decent battle with the 2023 Vitality Majors winners, but lost 2-0.

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Will there be more tournaments Counter Strike: Global Offensive

As the head of Valve himself Gabe Newell said official tournaments like the Majors on CC: GO is not planned. In the summer of 2023, Valve will release the second part of the Counter Strike based on the Global Offensive. Replace KS: GO to KS2 is free on Steam.

Future Majors will be held on the second part of the game. It is possible that tournaments based on the second part of the online game will be held in mid-summer 2023. At the same time, Newell has not said about what Valve will prohibit running unofficial tournaments on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, so there is a good chance that the amateur games will still be held. It is obvious that KC2 will be promoted in popularity, but let’s hope that this will happen without undermining the stability of the game KC:GO.

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