India has huge number of beaches in various cities from different states. India has 7,516 km sea length and has many popular beaches in the world. India’s beaches attracts a lot of tourist people every year. India has surrounded by Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. India’s coastline measures 7,517 kilometers in length; of this distance, 5,423 kilometers belong to peninsular India and 2,094 kilometers to the Andaman, Nicobar, and Lakshadweep island chains. According to the Indian naval hydro-graphic charts, the mainland coastline consists of the following: 43% sandy beaches; 11% rocky shores, including cliffs; and 46% mudflats or marshy shores.
Below are the list of beaches in Maharashra,

Aksa Beach
Akshi Beach
Alibaug Beach
Band Stand
Dadar Chowpatti
Girgaum Chowpatty Beach
Gorai Beach
Juhu beach
Khim Beach
Madh Island’s beach
Manori Beach
Marvé Beach
Uran Beach
Versova Beach
Adgaon Sea Beach
Agardanda Beach
Anjarlay Beach
Aravi Beach
Arevare Seaface and Beach
Arnala Beach
Bankot Beach
Bhatye Beach
Bhogve Beach
Bhudal Beach
Chivla Beach
Dabholi Beach
Devbag Beach
Devgad Beach
Dhokamle Beach
Diveagar Beach
Ganeshgule Beach
Ganpatipule Beach
Guhagar Beach
Harihareshwar Beach
Harne Beach
Hedave Beach
Kalvi Beach
Kashid Beach
Kelwa Beach
Kondavli Beach
Kondura Beach
Kotharwadi Beach
Kunkeshwar Beach
Kuravde Beach
Kurlevadi Beach
Ladghar Beach
Madban Beach
Malgund Beach
Malvan Beach
Mandvi Beach
Mervi Beach
Mithamumbari Beach
Mochemad Beach
Murud Harnai Beach
Murud Janjira Beach
Nadivade Beach
Narvan Beach
Padale Beach
Padavane Ambolgad Beach
Palande Beach
Palghar Beach
Palshet Beach
Rajori Beach
Redi Beach
Revdanda Beach
Sagareshwar Beach
Shiroda Velagar Beach
Shreewardhan Beach
Srikar Beach
Suruchi Beach, Vasai
Tambaldegh Beach
Tarkarli Beach
Vaingani Beach
Varavde Beach
Velas Beach
Vijaydurg Beach
Welneshwar Beach