Csc Interview Questions for Freshers – Jsp and Servlet Interview Questions

CSC Interview Questions for freshers

· Explain the concept of SSI?
· What are filters in JAVA?
· Can you explain in short how do you go about implementing filters using Apache
· Twist: – Examlabs VCE Practice Tests step by step of how to implement filters?
· What’s the difference between Authentication and authorization?
· Explain in brief the directory structure of a web application?
· Can you explain JSP page life cycle?
· What is EL?
· How does EL search for an attribute?
· What are the implicit EL objects in JSP?
· How can we disable EL?
· What is JSTL?
· Can you explain in short what the different types of JSTL tags are?
· (I) How can we use beans in JSP?
· What is the use of <jsp: include>?
· What is <jsp: forward> tag for?
· What are JSP directives?
· What are Page directives?



· What are including directives?
· Can you explain taglib directives?
· How does JSP engines instantiate tag handler classes’ instances?
· What’s the difference between JavaBeans and taglib directives?
· What are the different scopes an object can have in a JSP page?
· What are different implicit objects of JSP?
· What are different Authentication Options available in servlets?
· Can you explain how do we practically implement security on a resource?
· How do we practically implement form based authentication?
· How do we authenticate using JDBC?
· Can you explain JDBCRealm?
· Can you explain how do you configure JNDIRealm?
· How did you implement caching in JSP?
· What is the difference between Servletcontext and ServletConfig?
· How do we prevent browser from caching output of my JSP pages?
· Can we explicitly destroy a servlet object?