Sunday, 19 April 2015

List of Government Medical Colleges in Kerala

India's medical schools are usually called medical colleges. Medical school quality is controlled by the central regulatory authority, the Medical Council of India, which inspects the institutes from time to time and recognises institutes for specific courses. Most of the medical school were set up by the central and state governments in the 1950s and 60s. But in the 1980s, several private medical institutes were founded in several states, particularly in Karnataka. Andhra Pradesh state allowed the founding of several private institutions in the new millennium. Medical education in a private institute is very expensive. The Medical Council of India currently fully recognizes 381 medical colleges, which will train 50,078 medical students. The Medical Council of India's motto is to provide quality medical care to all Indians through promotion and maintenance of excellence in medical education.

Calicut Medical College
Trivandrum Medical College
Government Medical College, Thrissur
Government Medical College Palakkad
Government T D (Tirumala Devaswom) Medical College, Alappuzha
Kottayam Medical College
Government Medical College, Manjeri, Malappuram
Government Medical college, Ernakulam ,Kalamassery
Government Medical College, Painav, Idukki
Government Medical College Hospital, Kollam
Government Medical College, Konni, Pathanamthitta


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