Saturday, 14 February 2015

List of Varizon Branches, Offices in India

Verizon Data Services India, VDS India for short, is a complement of  Verizon, the network company and a global leader in delivering innovation in communications, information and entertainment. The wide spectrum of IT and non-IT work being performed by VDS India collaboratively with its parent, helps Verizon stay a leader in offering superior voice, data and video services to residential customers, businesses and the US federal government over intelligent wireless, broadband and global IP networks.

VDS India reflects its expertise far and wide. From IT applications for network engineering & design to high-reliability self-service customer solutions; From Remote IP Infrastructure Management to design and development of game-changing communication products.

Below are the list of Varizon Branches, offices in India,

List of Varizon Branches, Offices in Hyderabad
List of Varizon Branches, Offices in Chennai

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