Saturday, 19 January 2013

TCS Interview Questions for freshers - Core Java and OPPS Questions

 TCS Interview Questions for freshers - Java

· Explain in depth Garbage collector?

· How does the garbage collector determine that the object has to be marked for

· Can you explain “finalize ()” method?

· How can we force the garbage collector to run?

· What’s the main difference between “Switch” and “If” comparison?

· What’s the use of JAVAP tool?

· What are applets?

· In which package is, the applet class located?

· What are native interfaces in Java?

· What are Class loaders?

· What is Bootstrap, Extension and System Class loader?

· Can you explain the flow between bootstrap, extension and system class loader?

· Can you explain how can you practically do dynamic loading?

· What is Reflection API in Java?

· What’s the difference between static and dynamic class loading?

· How can you copy one array in to a different array?

· Can you explain the core collection interfaces?

· Can you explain in brief the collection classes which implement the collection

· What’s the difference between standard JAVA array and Array List class?

· What’s the use of “ensure Capacity” in Array List class?

· How can we obtain an array from an Array List class?

· What is “Linked List” class for?

· Can you explain Hash Set class in collections?

· What is Linked Hash Set class?

· What is a Tree Set class?

· What’s the use of Comparator Interface?

· How can we access elements of a collection?

· What is Map and SortedMap Interface?