Saturday, 19 January 2013

HCL Interview Questions for Freshers - Core Java and OOPs

 HCL Interview Questions for Freshers

· Have you used any collection algorithm?
· Why do we use collections when we had traditional ways for collection?
· Can you name the legacy classes and interface for collections?
· What is Enumeration Interface?
· What’s the main difference between Array List / Hash Map and Vector / Hash
· Are String object Immutable, Can you explain the concept?
· What is a String Buffer class and how does it differs from String class?
· What is the difference between String Builder and String Buffer class?
· What is Pass by Value and Pass by reference? How does JAVA handle the same?
· What are access modifiers?
· What is Assertion?
· Can you explain the fundamentals of deep and shallow Cloning?
· How do we implement shallow cloning?
· How do we implement deep cloning?
· What’s the impact of private constructor?
· What are the situations you will need a constructor to be private?
· Can you explain final modifier?
· What are static Initializes?

· If we have multiple static initialize blocks how are the sequence handled?
· Define casting? What are the different types of Casting?
· Can you explain Widening conversion and Narrowing conversion?
· Can we assign parent object to child objects?
· Define exceptions?
· Can you explain in short how JAVA exception handling works?
· Can you explain different exception types?
· Can you explain checked and unchecked exceptions?
· Can we create our own exception class?
· What are chained exceptions?
· What is serialization?
· How do we implement serialization actually?
· What’s the use of Externalizable Interface?
· What is JAVA doc utility?